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You welcome to myPAsms API for developers. You can interface applications (web, desktop,console or mobile) with our messaging gateway system through our flexible HTTP API connection. Once you're connected, you'll be able to deliver messages or check your balance in real time.

Please connect to send single or multiple sms messages through the following api url:

Please connect to check sms credit balance through the following api url:

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Username This is the mobile number of the account sending the sms
password password of the account
AppId This is the application ID you get when you register your API
message Your message body/content
sender The sender ID of the message
recipient destination of the message
Ok message sent SMS broadcast completed successfully.
E1000 SMS failed
E2000 Account Locked
E2001 Invalid username or password
E2002 No Application ID
E2003 Invalid Application ID
E2004 Insuficient credit
Please chat with our support agent or click help to contact us in case you have any further questions. Thank you.more API
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